Changes to note:

In this ever volatile and dynamic industry of migration, changes are the only certainty.

Here are just some of them:

Firstly, the Department of Home Affairs has now made things more informative to applicants of Australian visas by making available current visa and citizenship processing times of most visa and citizenship types. Estimated processing times provided are updated on a regular basis(monthly) to reflect current caseloads experienced at the visa processing centres. This is available on the Home Affairs website.

Secondly, due to the landslide victory in the state election in WA, won by the Labour Party, Mark McGowan was sworn in as premier of the state since March 17th 2017.  According to The West Australian, he has already requested PM Malcolm Turnbull to remove Perth from the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme. This is in line with his promise to make it easier for locals to find jobs, by removing one of the pathways for overseas workers to get a visa. He wants to take this time to review the occupation list to make it more relevant to the current market.

Last but not least, again focusing on WA, the Skilled Migration Western Australia has announced (as of 28 March 2017) that new applications to positions for the for the RSMS (Regional Skilled Migration Scheme) nominations are being accepted only for the following regions in WA:

  • Gascoyne
  • Great Southern
  • Kimberley
  • Mid West
  • Peel
  • Pilbara
  • South West
  • Wheatbelt

There’s also been an update that all applications (including those from Perth) received before the start of the suspension of the program on 13 March 2017 will be processed in accordance to the RSMS guidelines that were in place during the time of application.

However, new applications for the State Nominated Migration Program are now being accepted with an interim WASMOL, specifically targeted at occupations which are of a specialist in nature and have strong evidence of unmet demand at the  State level. There is now only one consolidated list, and it does not relate to any specific job vacancies but only an identification of high demand jobs in WA.

A new list is expected to be ready by late May 2017. All applications received before the suspension of the program on 13 March 2017 will be processed according to the criteria set prior to this date. Applicants with occupations on the interim WASMOL may be eligible for WA State nomination using the Subclass 190 or 489 visa.


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