Partner Visas – Some facts you need to know….

A) Character for non- visa applicants is required

Any family members aged 16 or over need to provide police clearances if they are included in the partner visa.

However, did you know that the sponsor needs to provide a police clearance(s), as any prior criminal record can lead to a refusal.
Non migrating dependents – Children who are between 16 and 18 still need to provide police clearance even if they are NOT included in the partner visa application.

B) Statutory Declaration

You’ll need to provide two statutory declarations on Form 888. It is best to get by an Australian citizen, permanent PR or eligible NZ citizen. However, its recommended that one of the Form 888 come from the sponsor’s parent. This is to show support towards the relationship. Please note also that the statutory declarations must be witnessed by a Justice of the Peace or some other accepted authority for them to be valid.

C) Exemption to the 12 month requirement to a de facto relationship

There can be an exemption to the 12 month requirement to a de facto relationship:

-Registering your relationship
-Have a dependent child(ren) from the relationship
-Not permitted by law to live together in home country

D) Financial Interdependence

Proof of financial interdependence such as active joint bank accounts; joint leases and joint insurance policies are some examples to show strong evidence of financial interdependence between the couple

Waiver for 2 year period to permanent residence

E) There can be a waiver of the 2-year period to permanent residence if you have

-been in a relationship with partner for three years or more at time of application
-been in relationship for two years and there are dependent children from the relationship


– your partner was granted a permanent visa under humanitarian program or granted a protection visa, and provided you were in relationship before the visa was granted, and had been declared to the Department of Immigration at that point.

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