Visa Options

Whether you want to go to Australia to study, visit family/friends, work, or tour the area, it is possible to find a visa that is ideal for your specific situation owing to the vast options offered by Australia. Hence, a RMA (Registered Migration Agent) can help you choose a suitable visa option as well as advice you on whatever specifications are required to obtain the visa.

Skilled Visas

Competent professionals who meet the criteria set for skilled immigration to Australia may be granted a skilled migration visa, which allows them to work and reside in Australia. This visa type comes in two sub-categories; skilled independent and skilled nominated visas.

Employer-Sponsored Visas

Employer- sponsored visas are ideally suited for individuals who have been invited to work in Australia by eligible Australian employers.

Student Visas

Many people like to come to Australia to study as the this country provides great learning opportunities. Students, must have been successfully enrolled in a course in a recognised Australian educational institution and wish to live in Australia during the duration of their study, to be granted a student visa.

Other Visas

Other visas exist that might meet your particular circumstances including family, working holiday visas and business visas.